zondag 24 augustus 2008

zondag 10 augustus 2008

Margraten american cemetary

This is the headstone of st Lester J Lyons, whose grave I adopted because I feel very strongly we must preserve their memory.
He was a member of Easy Company/379th Infantry Regiment of the 95th division. During the assault on Rheinhausen he was KIa on 05 march 1945. Before that, Lyons had seen battle at Metz and Saarlautern and was awarded a bronze star and three purple hearts. He left behind two small children in Michigan. May he rest in peace.




vrijdag 8 augustus 2008


This scenes were shot just before the hammer of destruction will come down on large parts of one of my favorite area's in Den Haag, which derives its name from the gas factory.

De Wageningse Berg